The Plague – Albert Camus


‘This empty town, white with dust, saturated with sea smells, loud with the howl of the wind’

The townspeople of Oran are in the grisp of a deadly plague, which spread from rats and now condemns its human victims to a swift and horrifying death. Forced into quarantine in the sweltering heat, each person responds in their own way to the lethal disease: some resign themselves to fate, some seek blame and revenge, and a few, like the unheroic Dr. Rieux, join forces to defy the terror. Written just after the Nazi occupation of France, The Plague is a taut, visceral depiction of resistance against a seemingly uncontrollable evil.

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

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The Plague
Albert Camus

Tradução de Robin Russ
Posfácio de Tony Judt

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