Seven Logics of Sculpture


Offers engaging new thinking on sculpture in the contemporary cultural domain
Encourages readers to consider sculpture from a multifaceted, analytical and sensorial perspective
Of interest to fans of the book Failed Images, which in a similar fashion offered a different understanding of photography as medium

Sculpture as a specific medium is rarely investigated within a deeply cultural, philosophical context, nor within visual art itself. Whilst discussions about installation art, performance art, or other 3D art forms are widespread, the discourse on sculpture seems to be stuck in historical, material, or thematic frameworks. This is a loss for our understanding of art in general, and of sculpture in particular. In order to assess contemporary art practices, one should have a better understanding of the logics that are at work within sculpture as a medium, and how they differ from other art forms.
This book explores ‘seven logics’ of sculpture—not as a historical overview, but with a contemporary analytical approach, drawing from literature, philosophy, psycho-analysis, architecture, and mundane daily culture—that help understand specific manifestations of sculpture and the active perception by the viewer. It relates to aspects such as the senses, the skin, the body, objecthood, narrative dynamics, the shaping of space, fragmentation, and montage.

Seven Logics of Sculpture opens up new ways of looking at, understanding, and appreciating sculpture, placing the medium at the heart of art’s experience; how sculpture can be shaped, assembled, encountered, seen and embodied.

Ernst van Alphen (b. 1958) is a cultural analyst and a professor emeritus of Literary Studies at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society. His publications include Shame! and Masculinity (Valiz, 2020); Failed Images (Valiz, 2018); Staging the Archive (Reaktion Books, 2014).

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Author: Ernst van Alphen
Design: Sam de Groot
Series: vis-à-vis
Publisher: Valiz
pb, 23,4 x 16,5 cm, 240 pp., English, Spring 2023, ISBN 9789493246157

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