Ricardo 214 – Kuro Endo (signed)


‘RICARDO 214’ it’s a self-published book, totally inspired in Ricardo Almeida, a personal friend of the author.
Ricardo passed away on the morning of 7th December, 2014, in room 214 in the Palliative Care Unit of the Portuguese Institute for the Study of Cancer, in Porto, Portugal.

Despite the extremely rigorous documentary side of the project, this is not so much a journalistic piece, but rather an exercise that goes beyond it.
The author began with Ricardo and his words, to create a vehicle of truth with his photographs (Polaroid SX-70), through which we are invited to travel and visit hundreds of new paths, new places and subliminal ideas, mostly related to existence and time.
More experimental and conceptual, this project explores various themes, including the concepts of how the mind works when the Being is limited to an extremely reduced physical space and amount of time.

The result reflects the effort of the senses and memories fighting against time and the ephemeral finitude of the body, in a constant restlessness but also revealing an unexpectedly beautiful and surprising journey.


Self published, 2021.
Limited edition of 214 copies (in Portuguese / English / French), all numbered and signed.
Hardcover, 100 pages on two types of paper, 196mm x 224mm.
Offset, 43 color photographs (Polaroid SX-70).
Design by Marta Afonso.
ISBN: 978-989-33-2558-2

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