Fernando J. Ribeiro

A selection of 32 drawings, made between 2014 and 2019, in graphite pencil on paper, from the Private series by Fernando J. Ribeiro.

“The drawings reproduced in Private have their genesis in images collected on the web, to be submitted to successive approximations, until the field of vision is confined to the narrow contact of the bodies. As the gaze gets closer and loses the ability to identify the characters, the field of fantasy can establish a vertigo of the senses, diluting the limits of the bodies and their compulsive acts.

When the body matter is abandoned, the drawings are taken over by the intensity of black graphite and the texture of the paper, making the recognition of the bodies possible only at a distance.In the solitary appropriation of public images underlies the construction of an inner time, in which multiple partners materialize the duration of a single amorous encounter, configured in a volume in the shape of a black box”.

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210 × 307 mm
76 pages
ISBN 978-989-54589-5-0, Lisbon, 2020

50 numbered and signed copies.

An artist’s book by FERNANDO J. RIBEIRO
Design _ Paulo Mendes and Luís Alegre

Edition: IN.TRANSITeditions and STOLEN BOOKS

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